It’s ‘Take A Number’ Season…and why we hate it

Posted by Keister Equipment Repair on May 10, 2018 in News

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Believe me, we know it is a good problem to have….the service queue is backed out 7+ days and we are out of space to store equipment.

But that doesn’t help you, our customer. And we realize that we lose business when we tell you that we can’t hold your equipment for the 7 or so days it will take us to get to your work ticket. And we know your grass is getting tall and you really want to get it cut sooner rather than later. And we hate that you call the next shop to hear the same (or longer) wait queue time but you go with them because it’s just easier.

We just ask that you be patient with us and give us an opportunity to work through the tickets ahead of you. We will call you the minute we are ready to see your machine and when it does come into the shop, our goal is to turn it around within 24-48 hours, making room for the next work ticket in the queue.

We know that most shops are at least 2 weeks out right now so understand that you will wait longer in their service queue- the only advantage is that your machine is in their hair and not yours while waiting to be fixed.

We have a reputation of fast and reputable repairs… we hope you give us a chance to show you why we’ve earned it. Complete the Reservation Form today to hold your spot in line.



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